Backlog, backlog, backlog..

I can’t believe it’s been 4 months since I last blogged! I’m sorry I’ve neglected my few blog readers!

Lots to catch up on. So where did we leave off?

My friend Laura and I ran a 10K race on Roosevelt Island. It was her first 10K race and she finished and felt great!


My next work trip was Copenhagen, Denmark. I really love Scandinavia. We were lucky enough to visit during the best time of the year.

We had dinner at both Brdr Price locations. The one inside Tivoli Gardens..


Very cute decor and cotton candy for dessert

11050127_10101332669861437_3698575705523415633_n 11175030_10101332670036087_488346292000727947_n


We had a resident chef at the office that was very talented and fed us well


Morning run in Frederiksburg Park

Thanks for the wonderful time in Denmark!



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