Spanish Getaway

P and I met up in Sevilla, Spain to run a 10K race.

Thinking back, I can’t recall how we ever decided on 1) running a race 2) running a race in Spain.

There weren’t many runners and it was not the most scenic route (we ran through fields of orange trees). The course was two loops and ended up being less than 10K according to mapmyrun.

Nevertheless, we finished the race and boy was it hot!


We stayed at a Air BnB apartment that was equipped with a kitchen so we could carb up before and after the race.

While in Seville, we did some sight seeing.

Metropol parasol then cooling off with some gelatoIMG_3036[1]


La Cathedral 
Dinner at La Azotea Sevilla. The place was small but we sat at the bar where we can see the chefs in action. We had the pulpo, salmon tartar and lemon tart. They were all delicious.

IMG_3033[1] IMG_3034[1] IMG_3035[1] Tapas and drinks at El Rinconcillo

Founded in 1620, this place has been around for a long time. We stood at the bar and ordered a few beers. We skipped on the tapas since we just had lunch. But the espinacas looked amazing. The place is charming but busy. Great decor and overall atmosphere.

I love the way they keep track of the tab. Right in front of you.

Plaza Espana

A short and sweet getaway weekend in Spain!


Weekending in Switzerland

Sneaking away to Switzerland for a weekend.  We were lucky to stay with a friend we met last year on our trip to Africa.

Visiting the local cheese shop to buy cheeses for fondue. Did you know there were this many types of cheeses? I sure did not.


Wandering around the beautiful Swiss town of Winterthur




Visiting the Rhine Falls


Fondue-d for the evening

IMG_2694 IMG_2691[1]

Thanks for the cheesy getaway to Switzerland!


Backlog, backlog, backlog..

I can’t believe it’s been 4 months since I last blogged! I’m sorry I’ve neglected my few blog readers!

Lots to catch up on. So where did we leave off?

My friend Laura and I ran a 10K race on Roosevelt Island. It was her first 10K race and she finished and felt great!


My next work trip was Copenhagen, Denmark. I really love Scandinavia. We were lucky enough to visit during the best time of the year.

We had dinner at both Brdr Price locations. The one inside Tivoli Gardens..


Very cute decor and cotton candy for dessert

11050127_10101332669861437_3698575705523415633_n 11175030_10101332670036087_488346292000727947_n


We had a resident chef at the office that was very talented and fed us well


Morning run in Frederiksburg Park

Thanks for the wonderful time in Denmark!


My Favourite Weekend in NYC

After 3 weeks in Costa Rica (not exactly basking in the sunshine for all 3 weeks), I was excited to head home to catch up with some friends!

Saturday. Beers at Rudy’s then quiet clubbing. It is exactly what it sounds like. Basically, everyone wears a pair of headphones and there are 3 DJs spinning at the front to choose from. It was so much fun!


I planned a lot of special things to see, eat and drink for a special someone visiting!

Sunday. We had dinner and drinks at The Eddy (it was around the corner of Upstate which had an hour wait.) then hopped to Please Don’t Tell (famous speakeasy bar in NYC) and Sake Bar Decibel.

He loved Sake Bar Decibel.

Monday. We had brunch then visited the New York Library and went up the Empire State Building.


Romantic right?

Grabbed a few drinks at Drop Off Service before dinner at Upstate.


He was so happy.

We stopped by Beauty and Essex on the way home for a quick drink.

Tuesday. Beautiful day for a walk in Central Park.

IMG_2161 IMG_2163

Stumptown for coffee before heading to a very special dinner at Sushi Nakazawa.

He had watched Jiro Dreams of Sushi and loved it so I knew he would love this amazing experience!

I was lucky enough to score a dinner reservation at 5pm (his flight was at 9:40pm). We sat at the best spot (seat 5 and 6) right in front of chef Nakazawa.


IMG_2172 IMG_2190 IMG_2204 IMG_2205


IMG_2213 IMG_2274

What a special experience. Sushi will never taste the same again!


Costa Rica Recap


I know, I know, I know.. it has been a while. Hope everyone is doing well!

Here are highlights from Costa Rica

Bought fresh melons on our way to the office.  Had some delicious lunches.

Signed up for a 5K Volcan Irazu trail race that ended with me spraining my ankle. Not the way I hope it would go.

My brother got engaged! Yay! Scary thing is, I dreamed he got engaged exactly 10 days prior!

With a somewhat recovered sprained ankle, went zip lining and water rafting. Amazing experience. No additional injuries.

Caught up with the team and had our last dinner at La Monastere before heading home.


Could not have been more excited to go home!!

Time To Catch Up

I returned to New  York in the most festive taxi. Someone is a big fan of cupid’s day.

Friday. Dinner and drinks at BCD tofu house in ktown. My coworker and I had dinner with the most interesting person! A former British intelligence officer now living in Germany. He’s got some interesting stories.

 Friday too. Catching up with some Canasians (yes, you read that right) at MUI also in ktown.

Saturday. Catching up with my New York crew in Williamsburg. We started at a Chinese restaurant called Snacky then moved our way to a dive bar called The Levee.

 Sunday. Escaping the cold to Costa Rica!

Catch up with you guys next this week!

Quick vacation in Seoul

To sum up our week in Seoul, there were lots of eating, drinking and walking.

Bukchon Hanok village




Gyeongbukgung palace (we found a place on Air BNB that was close by)




Gwangjang market

This lady was adorable. She told Jesse he was handsome!

Because I was sick (with bronchitis which I later found out) and it was frigid cold in Seoul, there were lots of soups..



We ordered this from a machine!

One night we had Din Tai Fung for something different.



Local craft beers. Something that just became popular recently.


Night (to morning) out in Gangham





On our last night, we tried some freshly chopped octopus! It does not taste fishy, just tastes like the sesame seed oil marinade.


 Kimchi soup on our last day!



 Thanks Jesse for being my tour guide in Seoul!