Spanish Getaway

P and I met up in Sevilla, Spain to run a 10K race.

Thinking back, I can’t recall how we ever decided on 1) running a race 2) running a race in Spain.

There weren’t many runners and it was not the most scenic route (we ran through fields of orange trees). The course was two loops and ended up being less than 10K according to mapmyrun.

Nevertheless, we finished the race and boy was it hot!


We stayed at a Air BnB apartment that was equipped with a kitchen so we could carb up before and after the race.

While in Seville, we did some sight seeing.

Metropol parasol then cooling off with some gelatoIMG_3036[1]


La Cathedral 
Dinner at La Azotea Sevilla. The place was small but we sat at the bar where we can see the chefs in action. We had the pulpo, salmon tartar and lemon tart. They were all delicious.

IMG_3033[1] IMG_3034[1] IMG_3035[1] Tapas and drinks at El Rinconcillo

Founded in 1620, this place has been around for a long time. We stood at the bar and ordered a few beers. We skipped on the tapas since we just had lunch. But the espinacas looked amazing. The place is charming but busy. Great decor and overall atmosphere.

I love the way they keep track of the tab. Right in front of you.

Plaza Espana

A short and sweet getaway weekend in Spain!


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