Relaxing Sunday, Exploring Outside of Bogota

Who gets up earlier on a Sunday than a weekday?! Crazy people

We do. Especially when it involves arepas, hot springs and chocolate facials.

A colleague from the local office took us to a hot springs outside of Bogota. The scenery from the drive was beautiful plus the weather was gorgeous.


560 561 562

We asked the soldier for a pic!

The hot springs was super ‘local’. I assume people understand when I say it’s so “local”. It’s the opposite of so many tourists?

The place was super busy. First, we dipped into the main pool. The water comes from the nearby hot springs. We then sat inside the steam room. Followed by a cold shower. We made our way back outside, this time to the super hot pool. To cool off, a even colder outdoor shower. Repeat.

570 572 573 576 580 582

We each had a one hour hot stone massage and chocolate facial to end the day. Fabulous.

Traffic was crazy on the way back. We stopped by a super local restaurant for some food and sopa to warm up since the temperature had dropped.

587 588


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