Worlds Colliding

The first full week of January was a busy one!

Monday. Jessie and I went to the Modo Yoga studio in Greenwich village for a hot yoga class. I’ve been raving about Moksha and Modo yoga so I was really excited for her to try it out! I think she enjoyed it. It was a nice way to relax and stretch our muscles after a weekend of touristing Philadelphia.

The rest of the week was juggling training and work.

Wednesday. I met my brother in the city for dinner at Upstate for Oysters and seafood dinner. This restaurant is one of the highest and most reviewed places on Yelp so I was eager to see what the hype was all about.



Started with the oyster and beer deal for $12. I was a big fan of the oysters from New Foundland. The grilled calamari was also very delicious. The place is really small but cozy. Perfect for a freezing day in the city. My work brother David joined us too!

My mom said they have “brother face”

Before driving back, we grabbed tea at HI-collar. Definitely going back to this place for cocktails! Hermano looks like a chipmunk.


Thursday work social. We went to the Michael Jordan Steakhouse inside Grand Central. The restaurant overlooks the main terminal. Pretty cool place for a steakhouse.



After, we grabbed drinks at The Gingerman in Midtown. It was only a few blocks from Grand Central and has a wide selection of beers. It was one of the first bars I went to right after moving to New York! Coincidentally, some local friends were in the neighborhood and we all got together for drinks.

Friday. After saying goodbye to everyone (those who went back to the West coast or to the UK or those leaving for South America on Sunday), I caught up with a classmate from school who was in town!

2015/01/img_0894.jpgI can’t believe how long it has been. Feels like a lifetime ago.

Saturday. We celebrated a friends birthday with dinner and drinks.

Dinner at Haru sushi in Flatiron.





Bar hopping the night away before my carriage turns into a pumpkin I run off to catch a flight.




I rushed home to change and catch my ride to the airport. The car came at 4am! Unfortunately, it was delayed until 11:30am! And when we finally boarded the plane..

Champagne please.


Before you know it, Bogota!



Stay tuned for next week!


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