First Week of the New Year

Happy New Year!

Hope everyone had a wonderful time celebrating arrival of 2015! I celebrated with some friends in New York City.

We started off in Chelsea then bar hopped across the city.

At the Happiest Hour in West Village.


We ended up going to The Happiest Hour, Ace hotel, Nomad and Soju Haus in ktown. NYE is not the same without being unable to flag down a cab so we walked home in the cold!

Took it easy the next day and binged watched Netflix. 2015 is off to a good start.

Jessie arrived on Friday and we grabbed drinks at Art Bar and The Immigrant


We took the Amtrak to Philadelphia the next day. We got up nice and early for breakfast then walked to Penn Station from Grand Central. What a pleasant train ride! The weather was not so pleasant in Philadelphia though. We visited liberty bell, independence hall and resting place of Ben Franklin. Reading Terminal Market was one of my favourite stops. The apple dumpling at the Dutch Eating Place was out of this world! We stayed in city center and had dinner at a restaurant called Rouge.


Next day, we started with brunch at the Green cafe on 13th street then the Art Museum, Reading Terminal (again) and South Philly for some cheesesteaks from Pats and Genos. My brother and I visited Philly a couple of times before so I’ve already tried the famous cheesesteak before.


A lovely weekend in Philadelphia! Back to the grind.


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